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Homebuyer Education

Leader Bank has the experience to ensure that your home financing is handled properly from pre-approval to closing and beyond. We take the time to listen to each client. It is important that we understand your needs and goals, so that we can present you with the very best loan options and strategies to meet them. 

Tips for Homebuying

  1. Obtain your pre-qualification from Leader Bank. This will help you understand what you can afford.
  2. Make a needs list and a wish list. Be realistic and keep your budget in mind.
  3. Select a real estate professional to help you find your home – please ask us for a referral.
    We work only with the very best!
  4. Have your realtor show you recent sales in the areas and price ranges you prefer.
  5. Don’t feel pressure to make an offer on the first home you see, but be ready to move quickly when the time is right.
  6. When your offer is accepted, hire a home inspector for an in-depth evaluation of the home.

What information is needed for an application?

  1. Two most recent pay stubs.
  2. Past two years W-2’s.
  3. Employment address for past two years.
  4. Last three months statements for all bank/investment or retirement accounts. Please include all pages.
  5. Check for application fee.
  6. Current mortgage company(ies) and account numbers or name, address and phone number of landlord.
  7. If self-employeed, or if more than 25% of your income comes from ownership, bonus, or commission, last two years Federal tax returns with all schedules.
  8. List of all other real estate owned, including addresses, loan numbers, balances, payments and estimated value.
  9. Name, account numbers, approximate balances and required minumum payments on all open credit accounts.
  10. For VA loans, copy of DD-214 and original VA Certificate of Eligibility.


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